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Catalyst is an open-source framework for rapid development of web applications written in Perl using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

Initial domain setup

To launch a website written in Catalyst, you must first ensure that the domain itself is properly configured. Before proceeding with the next steps, make sure that:

Project Catalyst

The Catalyst project can be located in any subdirectory of the user directory, but for the sake of order, it is suggested that it be located in the directory /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/, where DOMAIN is the previously added domain.

New Catalyst project

To create a new Catalyst project, use the PROJECT command. As a result of this command, a basic project with directories will be created. Then you need to go to the project directory: cd PROJECT and execute the command: perl Makefile.PL. You also need to create a symbolic link for static files with the command:
ln -s /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/PROJECT/root/static /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/public_html/public

Starting the server

To start the server, go to the project directory and use the command there:

./script/ -l ../../fastcgi0.sock