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Memcached is a free, key-value caching system.

Configuration and run

It is recommended to run Memcached using unixsocket, command example: memcached -s /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/memcached.sock -d where:

  • LOGIN is the name of the hosting account
  • DOMAIN is the domain of the page that Memcached is running on.

Memcached will run in the background and its process can be checked with command: ps aux

You can run Memcached along with other switches, for example adding -vv at the end without -d to test it, but it won't run the application in the background.

To modify the memory size for Memcached add the -m switch and specify the value in megabytes. For example: -m 32 will run the process using 32 MB of memory.

In the case of websites of type PHP (including Prestashop, which also supports unixsocket connections in place of the IP address), it is recommended to indicate the location for unixsocket in the directory above public_html and then adding the path for Open Basedir in the hosting account panel in WWW websitesManageDetails at the selected domain.