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Logs are located in: /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/logs/


Do not delete the logs directory as this may cause the Node.js, Ruby and Python pages to stop working.

Access log

The site access logs (access log) are located in the directory /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/logs/access/. In DevilWEB panel it is also possible to view logs (last 1000 lines from a given day) or download them in the tab: WWW websitesManage (with a selected domain) ➡ Logs. Logs are kept for a limited period of up to 90 days.

Error log PHP

For PHP error logs of PHP processes can be written to a file using your own PHP configuration.

Error logs httpd

Web server error logs are automatically saved to the file /usr/home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/logs/error.log.

History of login to DevilWEB, SSH/SFTP, FTP

It is possible to check the login history to DevilWEB, SSH/SFTP and FTP via the DevilWEB panel. The functionality is available in: Account informationLogin history.